The Research Study

Cluster Randomized Control Trial

As part of the initiative to evaluate the Teacher Help program, and ensure that it is a good fit for schools systems, teachers, and students across Canada, we are running a large research study in 2018. 

Our goal is to have psychologists, who work in school systems across Canada, partner with us in the upcoming research study. Psychologists will be asked to each recruit a minimum of 6 teachers and a maximum of 12 teachers in their schools, along with willing guardians (e.g., parents) and students, to participate in the research study. 

All participants need to be within Canada, as well as have access to an internet connection and an email address. However, additional participation criteria are different depending on if you are a psychologist, teacher, student, or parent/caregiver.

Participation Criteria

School Boards and Schools

  • Are public schools within Canada
  • Willing to participate in a cluster randomized controlled trial in which the whole school board would be randomized to one of two groups: The Teacher Help (Intervention) group or the Waitlist (Control) group
  • Performed a research ethics review, if needed
  • Students with ADHD, ASD, or LD attend the school in typical classroom settings

Collaborating Psychologists

  • Work within a public school system in Canada
  • Willing to provide some support to classroom teachers throughout the implementation of the Teacher Help program
  • Are able to review the program and complete the questionnaires in English
  • Recruit a minimum of 12 classroom teachers who teach grades 1 to 12 to participate. The student and the parent both need to agree to participate as well
  • Is a licenced/registered psychologist OR is on the candidate register OR is a psychological associate OR is a certified school psychologist


  • Work in a typical classroom setting in grades 1-12 
  • Are able to complete the program and questionnaires in English
  • Currently have one student in their classroom with ADHD, ASD, or LD that they would like to help by using this program
  • The parent and student have agreed to participate
  • Did not participate in any of the previous Teacher Help studies


  • Currently have a child with ADHD, ASD, or LD whose teacher is willing to participate in the cluster RCT
  • Currently have a child who attends public school in grades 1 to 12
  • Can complete questionnaires in English


  • Currently have a diagnosis of ADHD, ASD, or LD provided by a psychologist or physician
  • Spend a significant portion of their class time inside the typical classroom (i.e., at least 2/3 of their day is spent in their classroom)
  • The child currently attends public school in grade 1 to 12
  • Can complete questionnaires in English
  • The student is not on a Individualized Program Plan (IPP) / Individual Education Plan (IEP), and /or a Alternative Program Plan due to significant physical, behavioural, communication, or cognitive difficulties that require significant teaching/education assistant involvement or time spent in specialized learning environments. 
  • The student is either on a stable dose of medication for the specific NDD or no medication with no plan to start/change medication in the next 5 months