The Research Study


Based on our previously collected research data, we found that teachers who partake in the ASSIST program will have:

  1. Increased knowledge about neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) in children, in terms of symptoms, etiology, diagnosis, and treatments;
  2. More positive beliefs about working with these children and their need for educational interventions; and
  3. Reduced stress related to working with students with NDDs.

Consistent with our previous research, the students who receive these interventions are expected to have:

  1. Reduced impairment of their core symptoms of their NDD; and
  2. Increased quality of life.

Our current research study aims to develop a method to ensure sustainability for eHealth programs that address areas of intervention need for children with NDDs. We will be delivering the ASSIST program to 300 mainstream classroom teachers who are working with students who have ASD, ADHD, or LD (100 teachers in each module) in order to evaluate the implementation effectiveness of the ASSIST program.

ASSIST Participation

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