Teacher Help for Learning Disabilities (LD)

The Teacher Help for LD program is designed to assist classroom teachers in providing evidence-based interventions for a student in their classroom with LD. The program focuses on providing a deeper understanding of children with LD, as well as how to develop and implement adaptions in the classroom that support different areas of cognitive processing and academics. Additional supports such as remediation and assistive technology are addressed, as well as topics such as comorbid disorders, study skills, and social skills.

The Teacher Help for LD Sessions:

Session 1 All About LD: An overview of LD and interventions

Session 2 Taking the First Steps: A framework for thinking about cognitive processes and how they impact school functioning, guidelines for the frist steps in developing a Support Plan, and preparation for school-home communication.

Session 3 The Support Plan: Developing and implementing a plan to address cognitive processing difficulties

Session 4 Adding to The Support Plan: Developing and implementing a plan to address academic difficulties, and a look at assistive technology

Session 5 Additional Needs: Characteristics associated with LD and strategies to support them

Session 6 Keep Moving Forward: Information on planning for the future, addressing comorbid disorders, preparing for transitions, and wrapping up the Teacher Help program